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U.S. Citizen Services

Consular Section Hours

Services for American Citizens are available Mondays through Thursday from 8H30 to 17H30 and Fridays from 8H00 to 13H00. Please note the Embassy offices are closed on American and Nigerien holidays.


Jane Jensen, Consular, Economic and Commercial Officer

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Services for Americans living in Niger include the following

Passport Replacement

In the event that a passport is lost or stolen, or if a new passport is needed, a Consul can issue a replacement passport. If you believe your passport has been stolen, first report the theft to the local police and get a police declaration. Replacement passports cost US$80 for applicants under 16 plus a US$25 passport execution fee and US$70 for applicants 16 and over plus a US$40 passport execution fee.

In order to obtain a replacement passport the following is needed:

  • Proof of U.S. citizenship (i.e. a previous passport, birth certificate, naturalization papers, previous registration with the Embassy, etc.)
  • Two 2" x 2" (5 cm x 5 cm) full-face photos
  • Application form completely filled out: DSP 82 for Adults, DSP 11 for minor children
  • Application fee as indicated above
  • Both parents must accompany children under the age of 16 or complete form DS-3053
  • Statement of consent

Passport applications are received in the consular section Monday through Thursday between 8H30  and 17H30 and Fridays from 8H00 to 13H00.

Assistance in Getting Funds

Should you lose all your money and other financial resources, consular officers can help you contact your family, bank, or employer to arrange for them to send you money.

Help in an Emergency

In the event that your family needs to reach you because of an emergency at home or because they are worried about your welfare, they should call the State Department's Citizens Emergency Center at (202) 647-5225. The State Department will relay the message to consular officers in the country in which you are traveling. Consular officers will try to locate you, pass on urgent messages, and, consistent with the Privacy Act, report back to your family.

Visit in Jail

If you are arrested, you should ask the authorities to notify a U.S. Consul. Consuls cannot get you out of jail. You are in a foreign country and are subject to its laws. However, Consuls can work to protect your legitimate interests and ensure that you are not discriminated against. They can provide a list of local attorneys, visit you, and contact your family and friends.

Making arrangements after the death of an American citizen

When an American dies abroad, a consular officer notifies the American's family and informs them about options and costs for disposition of remains. Costs for preparing and returning a body to the U.S. are high and must be paid by the family.


Notarization services can be provided for a fee of US$ 50 for an initial copy and US$ 50 for every additional copy of the same document.

The Consular Section Can Also

  • issue a Consular Report of Birth Abroad
  • distribute federal benefit payments
  • handle personal estates of deceased U.S. citizens who die abroad with no family member present
  • assist with absentee voting and Selective Service registration
  • provide U.S. tax forms.

Consular officers cannot act as travel agents, banks, lawyers, investigators, or law enforcement officers. Please do not expect them to find you employment, get you residence or driving permits, act as interpreters, search for missing luggage, or settle disputes with hotel managers. They can, however, tell you how to get help on these and other matters.

In order to allow the Consular Section to better help and serve you, please register by clicking here: travel registration

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